Choose Fast Car Service Over Uber

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Fast Car Service Provides Transportation Throughout
The Galloway Township, NJ Area

If you’re looking for a car service in New Jersey, be sure to check out Fast Car Service. If you need to get from point A to point B quickly and at a fantastic price, this is the service for you!

There are other options, namely Uber. Anyone who has worked with Uber has their own criticisms of the service. Here are some of the biggest reasons why Fast Car Service wins out over Uber any day:

  • Uber has been around since 2009. In the world of business, that’s not a long time by any means. It gives them a superficial understanding of the market, but hardly an in-depth knowledge of its ins and outs. Fast Car Service has been around for 14 years—giving it more time to really develop the market and get a comprehensive understanding of customer needs.
  • Uber has been known to keep people waiting for upwards of 30-minutes. Just think of how when you call someone with Uber, you get someone in the area. No quality checks. No vetting beyond having a working vehicle. With Fast Car Service, all drivers go through an arduous inspection, including a criminal background check. Our primary concern is our riders’ safety and we take it seriously.
  • Uber relies on drivers who may or may not be adept at roads. Anyone new to an area knows the challenges of finding their way around efficiently. Fast Car Service is stationed in New Jersey. When you dial a ride in New Jersey, you are riding with a person who knows the area. They can give you the best route for your money and safely get you to where you need to go in record time.
  • Uber isn’t always happy about taking pets on a drive. Remember that their customer service is dependent on any driver you happen to get. With Fast Car Service, we are completely pet-friendly. You’ll never have an issue with bringing Spot along. We love bichons as much as we love black labs so bring them along!
  • Uber is dependent on their individual drivers to set availability. If you’re trying to reach them at off-hours, you may have to wait a long time. With our service, we commit to being available 24-hours a day and 7-days a week! Regardless of when you need us, we are going to be there for you to offer premiere customer service—every time.
  • Uber is geographically limited to the area their untrained drivers are aware of. How efficient is that? On the other hand, Fast Car Service drives customers anywhere they need to go. In fact, we’ve been known to drive people from Atlantic City to upper New York and Pennsylvania, Virginia—you name it, we’ll get you there.

There are a lot of differences between our service and Uber. You are going to find that we offer comprehensive dial a ride New Jersey services. The next time you need a ride, give us a call at 609-487-0500. Fast Car Service—the best car service in New Jersey.