Drunk Bus

Mr. and Mrs. Rick,

Over the past few years, we've gotten to know you as our favorite person to see after 1 am when we're in need of a ride. Some may write it off as you just "doing your job", but that's not how we see it. You've become a staple in us enjoying ourselves with confidence knowing we'll be able to get home safely, no matter where we are. It takes it person with a truly unparalleled blend of patience, kindness, and genuine care for other people to do what you do, and we are eternally grateful that you do it. Not only is your service convenient, it's lifesaving, which is most important, you’ve saved countless college students from making bad - potentially fatal decisions. You've saved parents the grief of burying their children. You've saved friends the trauma of losing someone close to them at a young age. This is something that does not go overlooked, or unnoticed, or unappreciated, as your name frequently comes up in conversation as .someone who plays an integral part in our nights going well. It is because of your unwavering dedication to us that inspired this to be written. So, from the bottom of our hearts, and on behalf of college students and parents everywhere.


Stockton University students & parents

Why the drunk bus became the drunk bus. Well, originally when Rick bought the company, it was for the residents from Egg Harbor Township, Mays Landing, and the resort towns of: Longport, Margate, and Vendor, Somers Point and Marmora and parts of Upper Township, going to: Atlantic City’s casino sand different bars in AC, and to the airports of NYC, Philly, Newark and Atlantic City Airports. Rick actually drove for the man that owned the company before he bought it. Also to doctors’ offices, hospitals and shopping stores. Anywhere you can go! We still have many of those areas customers, even though our primary night time work is from the Stockton University.

About 6 months into the company, Rick picked up a young lady and took her to the University. She was so happy with her ride from Atlantic City to the University that she put the company's information in the University paper. That shot the company from 25 mph, up to 100! The calls started coming in like crazy! As Rick steadily increased the business there, he realized there was NO service to take these students to and from parties and to Atlantic City, so he be same the student named, "drunkbus!" After a few months, he came upon a road block for an accident,and saw about ten students either walking around dazed, or being put into ambulances, realizing his service was going to be the more consistent, and rewarding job he would provide, there had not been any other way but to pile and overload their cars, thus far at that University!

We will continue doing this, for a couple of more years, until we retire! The "drunk bus", will continue until we sell it, to a person or persons, who are willing to take on, a challenging yet rewarding job. They must be dedicated, patient, strong stomachs, (for those occasional bouts of over drinking that result in projectile vomiting) pleasant and personable, and not willing to have their ears ring from the extremely loud radio channels of mostly Rap Music!} Tolerance is a must! Also mandatory, they must drop each and every student at their own doors. Even though they did group pickup, going back they must take them home. It's time consuming, but it would defeat the purpose of the business if they dropped them at the pickup location, then watched them get behind the wheels of their cars intoxicated! And each and every female student will see the drivers wait until they open their doors to their homes.

Our 15 passenger drivers must have their CDL/Passenger Endorsements. This entails a DMV state of New Jersey written & driving test, a NJ Medical Exam with a State approved voiced doctor every 2 years, a NJ State Criminal Police Clearance, Finger Printing and Suites vehicle inspection every year by which ever city issues the Merc license to operate. In addition, Rick keeps an eye out on all vans, for safety, and cleanliness. We also listen to the students if a complaint is given, and investigate whatever is voiced. We are extremely grateful to all our customers for choosing us to handle their transportation needs & try to pick all our customers up in a timely manner! We also provide transportation to certain Hotels and Suites, Lawyers who need clients for depositions, court appearances, etc. We have certain doctors who require us to transport patients to and from their offices, as well as the shore resident’s personal transportation needs.