Last Minute Dial-A-Ride Perks

Dial-A-Ride New Jersey

Fast Car Service Gets Riders Home
Safely Throughout New Jersey With Dial-A-Ride Service

Whether it’s a big night out on the town planned months ahead of time or a last minute ride after a night on the town, New Jersey residents and visitors can count on Fast Car Service’s Dial-A-Ride feature to get you home safe and sound.

Groups, couples or individuals turn to Fast Car Service after a raucous bachelorette party or bachelor party, a night of fun at an Atlantic City casino, or a night carousing with the gang. When you need a ride, at any time of day or night, you can count on Fast Car Service to deliver you from your destination to your home.

Experience, Professional Service and Reliability

With Fast Car Service’s Dial-A-Ride, you can tap into the years of experience and reliable service that set Fast Car Service apart from other car services. There’s no more need for you to waste hours trying to find a spot to hail a cab or bear the burden of a costly trip. You no longer need to worry about start-up ride-hailing apps with questionable drivers and little experience.

Our drivers are trained, insured and experienced, and know their way around metro New York City, Newark, Atlantic City, Philadelphia and points throughout New Jersey.

With Fast Car Service’s Dial-A-Ride, you can be sure that your ride will be there within 18 minutes (and in many cases much sooner). We’ll make sure each of your guests gets home safely and that no one needs to drive if impaired by too much to drink or too little sleep.

Here are a few of the other perks to calling Fast Car Service’s Dial-A-Ride when you need a lift:

Always Available
With Fast Car Service, you have access to sober driving services with one phone call. Our drivers can pick you up 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays and weekends.

Safety A Priority
Our drivers undergo extensive background checks to provide for your security and safety. Whether it’s a group of students needing to get back to a dorm or an after-work happy hour that ran a little late, Fast Car Service is on the job. Missed that last train home? No problem. Our company and its drivers are licensed and insured in accordance with New Jersey state regulations. All drivers need to pass a physical exam and carry first aid kits in their vehicles.

Easy As ABC
Do you need a driver to take you to or from the Airport, to drive you to catch a great new show on Broadway or provide transportation to have some fun at a New Jersey Casino? Whatever the occasion, wherever the destination, we make sure you get there and back fast.

Pet Friendly
We are happy to accommodate pets so that two- and four-legged family members have an easy journey together.

Multiple Options
We have access to a range of transportation options, including minivans and passenger vans.

Proven Service

For more than 14 years, Fast Car Service has helped thousands of New Jersey residents and visitors celebrate special occasions or crazy nights and get home safely. Whether you have a pre-arranged car service or a last-minute need for a driver, our priority is making sure you have a comfortable, easy arrival at your destination.

If you are looking for a Dial-A-Ride service to transport you throughout the New Jersey area, to New York City or Atlantic City, then contact, Fast Car Service at 609-402-7022.